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Owning and managing a vertically integrated operation that begins with mining and crushing rock aggregate, up to the  full quality control testing of an executed project, has been one of our major tools towards achieving our highly recognized and respectd qualifications.

UNIMAC Almost 40 Years In a Row

With over 1000 qualified staff & 700 plants and equipments, UNIMAC is capable of designing and self-executing projects ranging from airport infrastructure to inter-city highways. UNIMAC is proud to announce that throught the history of the company, all projects have been handed over pior to deadline while still ensuring that material quality is amongst the best in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

When working with UNIMAC, You are working with a Partner

It is my pleasure to give you a brief introduction to the company, what it has become over the years, and where it is heading in the future. UNIMAC is a reputable member of the growing economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with operations that have been in existence for nearly forty years. Over this long period, we have had the honor of working alongside with some of the highest caliber engineering firms, as well as a number of the most prominent clients in Kingdom.

unimac Participation

UNIMAC continues to participate in the construction and maintenance of Saudi Arabi’s rapidly growing infrastructure. We will continue to advance ourselves and learn from internationally recognized project management and quality control organizations such as the ASTM, ACI, Project Management Institutes, and the International Road Federation (IRF).UNIMAC intends to be a pioneer in the Saudi contracting field in quality engineering & solutions, and in doing so we aim to:

In-house Quality Control

We spednd a significant portion of our revenues on our in-house quality control department to ensure standardization and to guarantee that our materials and work execution comply with international standards and local requirements.

Asphalt Production

Quality, reliability, and longevity. When you pave using UNIMAC asphalt, you are building a structure that will endure the test of time, despite adverse weather conditions and heavy traffic loads.



Client’s personal tastes are blended with the most modern architectural techniques, and designed in both 2D and 3D.


Creates synergy from resources through the combination of highly specialized project management software and skills.


We give our personal attention to our clients as individuals by caring and worrying about solving their problems on their behalf.


Keeping our clients to fully satisfied, & give them a peace of mind which is priceless in the engineering, contracting Industry.

Prepare and Implementing

Reports which is a must requirement for all construction project can provide a quick and robust solution for this challenge. Along with adopting professional project management practices and using applications Like Oracle Primavera P6, Aconex, Workflow, and UNIMAC Owned Templates like PPMS which is not just limited to tracing the unit & cost of labor, materials, equipment, Subcon other expenses, and job site happening. It can also: Help in recording all crucial evens that will provide constant and comprehensive records of the project  & live reporting through a website.






Offline and Online Reporting



unimac works

Roads and Highways, Airport Infrastructure, Asphalt Milling and Resurfacing,  Structures and Bridges

Other scope

Landscape and Irrigation, Grading and Paving, Driveways and Parking lots, Pavement Maintenance, Curbs and Sidewalks.

Unimac Hot mix Asphalt

All mix designs are developed within UNIMAC and approved by the Ministry of Transporation, Saudi Aramco, and local Municipalities. Any special requirement of specifications ranging from airport infrastructure to Superpave asphalt can be furnished upon request.

Service Portfolio

As the main contractor, successfully executing a multi-stage project needs more than just detailed planning and accurate budgeting. It truly requires a smooth interaction between a great number of specialized, dedicated, and hard-working teams. This all requires leadership, coordination, excellent communication; and teamwork.


Clearing the site including removing rubbish, vegetation, undergrowth, bushes, hedges, trees and the like, disposal of material (cart away) including handing over to the Client any structures or materials at site, or as instructed by the Engineer. Refer to drawing


Excavation in any type of soil using appropriate Equipment and/or tools to the necessary levels and carting away to dump site approved by the local authorities or as directed by the Engineer; all in accordance with the Specification. Refer to drawing “Cut and Fill Areas ”


Selected excavated materials; in compliance with the Specifications and subject to the Engineer’s approval. Refer to drawing “Cut and Fill Areas”

Sub-Grade & Sub-Base

Compacted of sub-grade and sub-base layer; in compliance with the Specifications requirements and Engineer’s approval

Milling Works

Demolition of Existing Pavement and Base Course Layer Road pavement.

Spreading of RC-2 & MC-1

Tack coats; in compliance with the specifications requirements and Engineer’s approval

Asphalt Base Course

Asphalt base courses; in compliance with the specifications requirements and Engineer’s approval

Asphalt Surface Course

Asphalt surface course; in compliance with the specifications requirements and Engineer’s approval

Mobile Crusher

Crushing materials and followed the desire required by the clients

Aggregate Plant

They process the best materials for Asphalt.

Asphalt Factory

Asphalt base courses; in compliance with the specifications requirements and Engineer’s approval

Government & Private Clients

UNIMAC has developed an attractive and loyal customer base consisting of major local municipalities, government agencies, and private sector clients whereby 89% of its private sector business in 2010 came from recurring clients.

Certification of Appreciation 

is presented to

United Maintenance & Contracting Co

For their exceptional support to 363d Expeditionary Contracting Squadron during operation Southern Watch Prince Sultan Air Base Al Kharj, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

– 363d Expeditionary Wing

Certification of Appreciation

is presented to

United Maintenance & Contracting Co

We are pleased with your participation in the comprehenseive security campaign where UNIMAC supported the Air Force Wing with the competion of their hanger with the highest measures Al Kharj, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

– Al Kharj, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Riyadh – Head Office

P.O. Box 7429- Riyadh 11462, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tell: +966 1 4774307 Fax: +966 1 47 82780


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